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Printing Services

We offer the very well known technique of screen-printing. This is a technique where ink is pressed through a mesh screen onto the material, it's one of the better, longer lasting ways of printing. A screen is required for each color of the design, so this method becomes tricky with designs with over 2-3 colors.


Don't be discouraged if your design exceeds that, we offer other printing methods as well! Feel free to contact us for a personalized quote!


It's as easy as 1...

We fill your custom-made mesh screen with the ink color of your choice, and squeegee the ink onto the article of clothing.


The screen is then lifted off and the apparel is then transported...



...right to the heater where the ink is then heated & dried to finalize your quality print.

Heat Pressed Vinyl Transfers

With more colorful designs we use a newer method of printing. This method consists of custom printed vinyl transfers that are then pressed onto the material of your choice.

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